Saturday, October 10, 2009


So I go to get on the bike to go to work only to see the exhaust mount flange dangling. W/o spacers or bolts.. The pipe is hanging by one bolt, only. I've got ten minutes to spare. I bust into my landlord's garage find some copper pipe to make (janky) spacers. Pull nuts/tools out of my messinger bag. Slap. it back together, and head across town. I make it to work 10 minutes late. The pipe has loosened and half the exhaust doesn't make it out he back. End of hard day at work, I just re-tighten the nuts, it all seems to hold. And I manage to do 65 indicated (down hill) pinned heading for a yellow light. I made it to the bar and home. Another charming day spanking the SLut

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