Thursday, October 1, 2009



I like the idea of the cap, although Shrug's right, it's just not there yet. I'm glad I hid away all the wiring, the bar looks pretty clean and neat (save those carpet grips) without switches. The hex-nut caps on the mirror threads look good, too.

The question about the cap is whether the light being perma-on is draining the spark from the plug or not. It might be, and the trick might be to disconnect it and see if we can kick it to run instead of doing the Olympic Push Start. Once going, it ran about the same with the cap above 2500 or so.
I'd rather keep the bike clean of switches, but if we need one, we need one. Although do we REALLY need a headlight? Or the ability to run without?

Parts came in today:
Taillight/plate mount
Biltwell seat bracket
16t cog

Oh, to note: the 16t we picked up from Charlie's has the circlip. The one Francis ordered goes back to the retainer plate and two bolts. Let's swap to the new one, with bolts.

And the 16t pulls the bike just fine. Not sure about burnouts, but we'll see in due time.

Love and Choppers,

El Jefe

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