Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What if we did the END PLATE (official name to the new plate we'll use to cap off the stamped section) with a welded insert to the stamped section that WASN'T bolted to the frame, but instead rested along the upper stamped seam? So the weight was distributed along the whole seam, not one bolt point and the end plate?
Then the seat stays welded to the end plate?

Frame Talk 3

Francy Brady concept, Frame 3

I still think it might rip out the plate weld to the stamped section, although I like the idea of bolt as safety.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Frame Talk 2

Existing frame.

Stamped top section, down section.
Three engine mount points, 1, 2, 3.


Modified engine mounts, frame attachment points to come. I'm late for team night, suckers.

Note: Remove top of two engine mounts from MOUNT C. Don't think we need it. Reference pics of actual frame below.

Frame Talk

Francis-Jo concept.
Weld in rear diam. tubing through holes to stamped frame.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pictures of stock frame

Weld on Hardtail

Charlie Special Drag Bars

Check that million dollar patina on them drags

Rear of down stamped tube, think thin

This is the section that we'll chop from. Cut to be just below the bottom of the existing welded rear section.

front, down tubes

slimmy front engine mounts

profile front engine mounts

What a beaut. She's sure to tear up the highways. Well, the byways, at least.

Top engine mounts, down tube welds (skimpy!)

Section to be removed. Stamped down section.

Section to be removed. Only the bottom of the two mounting points from the rear engine mount will stay. Likely solution is to fab a mount to a cross member that joins the two rear chainstays. Upper mount from rear engine mount probably not needed.

Shrug-rigged battery after I insisted we start tearing shit up.

Front welds, top engine mount

front business

Lilac Alley

The business.

Mas business. Note the stamped frame, down section to be removed. Hacked. Chopped. Frame-ectomied.

Rear engine mount. Only lower most bolt to stay, new bracket to be fabbed to mount to rear cross tube.

Top engine mount, rats nest

Rear of top stamped frame tube. To be cut below existing welds, existing rear section to be removed. Block of aluminum to fit between stamped frame in hollow, drilled for bolt, bolt sections of seatstays to top tube? Or just weld. Both? How much radius will the rear stays need?

Top of rear end stamped top tube


Lilac Alley Profile

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Idea

Frank has bike, lives in Boston.
Lilac Alley Speed Shop has effort, lives by the bay.

This will be the story of the The Little Build That Could.
Over the next month, Shrug and I will be chopping a 1972 Honda SL100 for the Dirtbag Challenge.

With any luck, we'll finish by October 18.