Saturday, October 3, 2009

no new luck last night

doing a little research now. this is from Thumper talk.
03-11-2007, 06:54 PM
I got rid of the battery and replaced it with a large capacitor. 22,000mfd I think. It was a 50 volt cap, about 1.25 inch dia and 5 inches long. I put a full bridge rectifier from a electronis store and it ran fine. I may still have the wiring harness and cap somewhere, will go look. The bat-pack battery eliminator will not work unless you put in a voltage regulator since the sl100 puts out about 30 volts. I also put in a resistor in the line I think it was a 400 ohm but I will go look. So the answer is yes you can dump the battery.
Hi Guys, check out my no battery conversion for the SL/XL's. I have some details on an unfinished website so be kind.
The idea for me was to eliminate stuff not adding capacitors and resistors etc. My bike , Dwight Rudders bike and one more are running this conversion, no regulator needed unless you want basic enduro lights, if you need lights just add 12V regulator, we are using the "Moose" 12v regulator ( about $15 ) and 12 V lights. they are bright and I have yet to blow a bulb. Dwight rode his XL 100 at Combs and got a gold and #1 in the MX. This works and so far is the best way I can come up with to get rid of the nasty battery, fuse, rectifier and switches etc. This is not for a street legal bike but has a pretty good head and tail light. good luck, wayne

new ideas. gotta get it back to a running state.

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