Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rollercoaster: On the downhill, the funtimes

Stopped by the shop today, good news.

Battery measured a solid 6.5v, but it wouldn't kick on. It did push-start, though, and then ran happily at mid-wfo. Seems to me the pilot jet is clogged, although I know we just cleaned the carb. The tank HAS been sitting in storage for however long, so it's not unlikely.

At first the bike only ran WFO, but then it cleared up. I put in an inline gold filter I had lying around. That ought to clean up the garbage getting into the carb, but in the meanwhile we'll need to run the bike for a couple of days. Might help to take the carb apart again and clean out the jets.

Also, we need to get a filter for the carb. We can lose the black boot, but we need a filter so that we can start dialing in the air-fuel mix. If there's any of my hundred left, [Shrug] you can use it to buy a filter. If there's no money, or you don't feel like ripping by Charlie's, send Francis and email and ask him to order it. You'll have to measure the rear flange on the carb first, though. I forgot to do that this after.

And I'm sure we could use a new battery. Let's quit wasting time with the cap and just buy a new battery. They're cheap enough, and we know they work. This one is tired, and unmpteen years old.

I'm stepping out for a few days to Marshal at the Giro d'California. Good luck to you, Shrug, if you rip around on it. If you need anything, give me a call.

I'll try to post some video shortly.


El Jefe


  1. This is very good news! It sounds like the electrical gremlins are being squashed one at a time. Its also good to know that nothing got blown up or burnt out yet, well short of a set of floats.

  2. in other news, i would be down to put some nylons over the custom velocity stack and call it an air filter. just a thought. they are a dime a dozen so just hit me up with the diameter and I'll get one out to you.